Content Curation

Content curation is the art of finding, selecting, contextualizing, personalizing and illustrating relevant information items on a specific topic and for a specific audience

by Robin Good

I am a former DJ, radio director and video producer. Finding, collecting and presenting together great tools and resources is what I do best.

Content Curation from A to Z a full online learning program with

Learn everything you need to know to start practicing the art of finding, organising and presenting the most relevant news, information or resources on a specific topic, for a specific audience.

To gain trust, authority and visibility in a specific niche subject area or marketplace you need to demonstrate that you have a full panoramic view of it, know who is inside and why, and have the real-time pulse of what new things are happening. To achieve such status, there’s no better practice than curating the subject on a systematic basis.

Level 1 - Fundamentals - Art, Science and Workflow Level 2 - Practicum - Discovery, RSS and Archiving Level 3 - for Business - Marketing, Distibution, Monetization

Available as 6-hour downloadable video course.


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